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When winter approaches, make sure to prepare your home for colder weather. Doing so ensures your safely, saves money, and will keep you comfortable throughout winter. It takes just a few steps.

Ask yourself these questions. At home, have you...

  • Cleaned the gutters? Clear debris from gutters and test downspouts for drainage to protect against water damage.
  • Trimmed trees? Cut back dead or dying limbs and any branches that can touch the roof or siding. When it's windy, branches can rub or scratch the surfaces of your home and cause damage. They also could fall during a storm or break under heavy snow and ice.
  • Stopped the air leaks? Eliminating air leaks will improve your home's comfort and efficiency. Your first stops should be the basement and the attic. Attic leaks allow warm air to escape, and have the effect of drawing cold air in through basement leaks. Use a can of spray foam insulation to plug up the offenders in both areas.
  • Scheduled a heating system inspection? Have your furnace professionally inspected and cleaned to reduce the risk of a breakdown and to keep the system running efficiently. If you have a fireplace, have your chimney professionally cleaned and inspected and ensure that your damper opens, closes, and seals tightly.
  • Winterized outdoor faucets? Remove all hoses or devices attached to outdoor spigots. Have in-ground sprinkler systems blown out, and turn off water to outdoor spigots. Be sure to drain any water left behind in the pipes.
Source: State Farm Simple Insights

Is your home ready for winter? Ask yourself these questions...

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